Friday 18.04: TLP presents Me So Horny 

We bring you the history of popular black r'n'b anthems. This time we also bring you the sweet rub-a-dub sounds with Caribbean dancehall anthems & modern day dancehall influenced TRAP sounds


Saturday 19.04: Culture Club 18.04 - Jonas Mantey / Bkay

We're pulling the Berlin-card with Jonas Mantey. Also on our line-up: up and coming Belgians: Gewelt. / Upstairs: urban sounds with TLPTROUBLEMAN and Bkay



    Culture Club is yours, but you also have to earn it

  • These house rules apply to all visitors of Culture Club. They were designed to make the Culture Club experience as comfortable as possible for you, our guests. Respect our rules.


    • Relaxed behavior is a basic principle. Be tolerant and positive. We don’t care about ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, musical preference or age and neither should you. Aggression, violence and discrimination will not be tolerated.
    • Our musical program is our foundation. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on before visiting. Not being familiar with our program may be a ground to deny entrance.
    • To get in, visitors must be at least 21 years old. Make sure you got your ID on you.
    • Culture Club is a place where creativity and free expression are highly valued. We love to see our guests in extravagant and wayward clothing rocking it on the dancefloor. Don’t wear the billboards, you may be denied entrance.
    • Large groups of men, bachelor parties or other atmosphere-disrupting groups will be denied access.
    • If you’re under the influence of narcotic substances, you will be denied access.
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